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Triple Scale Hydrometers and Thermometer Scale Hydrometers, which are the best quality for professional brewers and wine makers.

Beer thermo-hydrometers calibrated for reading at the bottom meniscus and standardized at 20° Celsius with temperature correction scale.

Beer Thermo-Hydrometers use the Balling or Brix scale:
The BALLING or BRIX scale expresses percentage of sugar by weight. The ALCOHOL scale is actually measuring potential alcohol. In order to determine the alcohol content of a wine, you will need to make two readings, one before fermentation commences and another after fermentation stops. Subtract the final figure from the first reading and you will have the alcohol content percentage by volume.

Hydrometer (Triple Scale) /
Part# 20C04-104
$14.99  $12.95
Thermo-Hydrometer (0 To 8-1/2) /
Part# 20C04-101
$39.99  $34.95
Thermo-Hydrometer (15-1/2 to 24) /
Part# 20C04-103
Thermo-Hydrometer (7-1/2 To 16) /
Part# 20C04-102
$39.99  $34.95