Portable Keg Charger - CO2

Portable Keg Charger - CO2
Part Number: 17L02-100
Brand: Foxx Equipment
List Price: $39.99
Price: $34.95


Portable Keg CO2 Charger - Genuine Innovations

This is a portable CO2 Charger for Cornelius Kegs. Uses FOOD GRADE 16 Gram CO2 Cartridge Refills.  Great for taking your keg to parties and on the road with you and not have to lug around your CO2 tank and regulator.

This Charger comes with instructions and one CO2 Cartridge.  The charger screws on to a standard threaded Ball Lock Disconnect or Pin Lock Diconnect.

Always use 16gram FOOD GRADE cartridges. We sell them in packs of 2,6,10 and 20. Each keg will generally use a couple. It helps to get your keg well pressurized before transporting it

Beware of systems that use 12 Gram CO2, many of these cartridges contain oil and are not food grade!

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