Teflon Tape (1/2" X 260')

Teflon Tape (1/2" X 260')
Brand: Foxx Equipment
Part Number: 20D01-102
Price: $1.95 List Price: $2.99


Teflon Tape (1/2" X 260')

Perfect for sealing regulator and CO2 parts!  Don't put new guages on your regulators without it and risk a CO2 leak!!

Theflon tape is used for both liquid and gas applications on threaded pipes to help prevent leaks.

  • Comes in a resealable plastic container
  • Designed to work with any fitting needing a high-quality seal
  • The tape is 1/2" wide by 260' long
  • Teflon sealing tape is impervious to fuel and oil
  • Ensures a secure and tight seal without leaks

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20D01-102 Teflon Tape (1/2" X 260') $1.95 Add to Cart

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