Dual Cylinder Hand Truck

Dual Cylinder Hand Truck
Brand: Foxx Equipment
Part Number: 14M06-119
Price: $349.95 List Price: $399.99


Dual Cylinder Hand Truck

Cylinder hand trucks are used for transporting cylindrical shaped objects with ease!  Cylinders or many shapes and sizes, whether that be large CO2 or helium tanks, or heavy cylindrical rolls of material!

Great to have for breweries to replace their large CO2 cylinders when they need to be replaced!

This hand truck is wide enough to transport up to two large CO2, helium or any other type of gas tanks at the same time!

No need to replace the entire truck when a spring wears out.


  1. 10" WHEELS
  2. Height: 48.5" Width: 23" Weight: 48 lbs.
  3. Capacity: 700 lbs.
  4. Toe Plate: 3/16" x 71/2" x 171/2"

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